1. Once I Loved

From the recording ANIAR

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Once I Loved

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I know this song from the singing of Rita and Sarah Keane who raised and nurtured their great niece, the greatest Irish singer Dolores Keane. There is a wonderful version of this song on YouTube performed by all three.

My version is a tribute to the unison style singing of Rita and Sarah Keane with single note guitar playing acting as the second voice.

This song is known in many forms and has travelled to many places. It is known as With Fond Affection as performed by the Carter family, the melody took another shape in “ you are my sunshine “ and popularized later my BIll Monore as Columbus Stockade Blues which was written by performed and recorded in 1927 by an early country music duo Darby_and_Tarlton


Once I Loved

Once I loved with fond affection,
One who’s thoughts were dear to me,
Until there came a dreary parting,
Never more will he speak to me.

(Chorus )

Go and leave me if you wish love,
Never let me cross your mind,
If you think I have proved unworthy,
Go and leave me, I don’t mind.

Many’s the night while you lay sleeping,
Dreaming of some sweet repose,
While I a young girl lay broker hearted,
Listening to the wind that blows

( Chorus )

Here’s the ring that first you gave me,
When our hearts were first entwined,
Give it to that dark haired maiden,
She'll never know that it once was mine.

( chorus )